Low back pain when turning in and getting out of bed

This is often due to irritation of some of the tissues in the low back.

Whilst it is a good idea to find out the route-cause of the pain and seek appropriate treatment for it, in the meantime, there are some simple things you can do that may help to ease your discomfort.

If you are on your back already, try lying with your knees bent and your feet rested on the surface you are lying on. This may help to relax your low back. Try gently rocking your knees side to side whilst in this position. You can also try pulling the knees towards your chest and giving them a little hug. You may also like to gently rock side to side whilst in this position.

Before turning  over, try contracting your ‘core stability’ muscles. These are muscles that help to protect and stabilise your low back. Lying on your back, pull your belly button in towards your spine without pushing your low back in to the bed and continue to breathe normally. Then try turning on to your side whilst maintaining this and using your abdominal muscles to help you turn over.

If you have low back pain getting out of bed, it is best to roll on to your side first and then drop the legs off the mattress whilst using your arms to push yourself up to a sitting position. Try contracting your core muscles again whilst doing this and before you stand up. Try sitting for a few seconds on the bed before standing.

If you experience pain or discomfort performing any of the above techniques or are not sure how to do them, please do not continue to attempt them and seek assistance from your doctor or appropriate manual therapist, such as ourselves. If you do not know where your core muscles are or how to contract them, this may be linked to your low back pain. Again, seeking the help and advice of your doctor, osteopath, or sports person may help.