Osteopathy for Pregnancy and Birth

Women in Bristol often visit us for osteopathy during pregnancy and when preparing to give birth.

A woman’s body changes during pregnancy. These changes include the softening of ligaments, weight increases and changes to posture and can lead to additional pressure on joints in various parts of the body, including the spine or pelvis.

Osteopathic treatment has the goal of reducing these types of discomfort and releasing musculoskeletal strains, for example, increased back pain.

Each of the Courtyard Osteopaths has done extensive additional specific training in how to work with both pregnant women and in paediatrics.

What does osteopathy for pregnancy and birth entail?

All osteopathic techniques designed for mothers and babies are safe, gentle and do not manipulate the body. They tend to include soft stretching and massage methods and the effective application of very small amounts of pressure to ease the tensions and reduce any discomfort.

Paediatric osteopathy for newborns and babies

Shortly after birth, we often find that parents like to return for an osteopathic check-up and bring their newborns with them.

' I started seeing Sally around 22 weeks, not only did she alleviate my anxieties… but she also worked wonders...I was elated and went on to have a lovely full term 8lbs 10oz baby in the birthing pool, exactly what I wanted, which had felt impossible only weeks earlier, I cannot sing Sally's praises enough, really a heart felt thanks to her and Jeni and I'd definitely recommend '

Chloë Lawrence


Find out whether osteopathy could support you

If you would like more information about how osteopathy may support women during pregnancy and in preparation for birth, we would be happy to see if we can help. Give us a call for a free, informal chat, or to book an appointment on 0117 923 1138.

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