Osteopathy for Adolescents and Teenagers in Bristol

Osteopathy for teenagers and adolescents is designed to treat the kinds of conditions that young, growing people are more likely to face, for example, where posture may suffer because of the stresses placed on the musculoskeletal system through rapid growth or ergonomic issues relating to longer hours studying for exams.

At the Courtyard Osteopaths, we all have specific training to treat the causes of tensions and related symptoms through the application of gentle pressure to different parts of the body.

What can osteopathy treat?

The difficulties we see in our work with this age group are predominantly physical. They include:

  • Postural adaptations related to developmental changes and height
  • Orthodontic support for ongoing dental work
  • Minor sports injuries

How does an osteopath work?

Cranial osteopathy is a gentle, non-manipulative process which we suggest for most cases involving young people.

All of our osteopaths have many years of professional training and experience applying these techniques to clients ranging from newborns to the elderly.

' Jeni is currently treating my youngest son for knee pains - we are coming to the end of his treatment and it has been fantastic for him. He has gone from not being able to play football three months ago to getting into a local football team. Unbelievable! I can’t recommend Jeni and her team enough '

Paul Dixon


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