Sports Osteopathy in Bristol

The gentle, highly effective techniques of osteopathy are designed to help people recover from minor sports injuries, perform better and get back to enjoying their sport.

Many of our clients come to our clinic here in Bedminster, Bristol for regular treatment sessions to help keep themselves supple, to improve their muscle tone, reduce their risk of injury and support peoples ambitions for peak performance.

What sports conditions can an osteopath treat?

People regularly come and speak with our osteopaths about:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Restricted or stiff joints
  • Minor impact injuries or being winded
  • Overuse or exceptional physical demands
  • Not warming up or down
  • Reduced performance due to past injuries e.g. fractures or tears
  • Poor postural habits or using equipment incorrectly

How does osteopathy help people interested in sports?

As osteopaths, we often use our knowledge of diagnosis and highly developed palpatory skills to:

  • Restore any structural balance
  • Improve your joint mobility
  • Reduce soft tissue adhesions and restrictions
  • Improve flexibility and ease of movement

We may also advise on stretching or exercises to aid and support your recovery as well as assess and give advice to help you improve your posture and body stance during your sporting activities.

' Jeni… has treated neck and associated shoulder pain, and stiff ankles – from minor running related injuries. I have been treated by all the osteopaths in the practice and every osteopathic treatment has been beneficial. '

Sandra Tanner

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