Osteodontics – Dental Osteopathy in Bristol

Osteodontics is a specialised area of osteopathy. Its aim is to provide information and support for children and adults who are going through orthodontic work.

Insight into the complex anatomy involved in orthodontics comes from our osteopaths' detailed knowledge of body biomechanics and specialised cranial osteopathy techniques.

Osteopaths and orthodontists working together

The orthodontist assesses signs of inadequate growth which may lead to overcrowding or poor nasal breathing. They can test for any strain patterns that can affect bite and dentition. They then liaise with the osteopath who can assess and treat postural imbalances which are related to these strain patterns.

We are happy to work closely with some of one of the leading orthodontists in Bristol:

Dr Jamie Staplehill Dentists

' My son Dan is almost 15 years old and he has started to have some orthodontic work done. His orthodontist works holistically and wanted to complete Dan’s dental work in conjunction with cranial osteopaths in Bristol. When he suggested we visit Jeni, I had no hesitation as we had brought Dan to see Jeni when he was a baby and the results were undeniable! '

Penny Notley

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