Jeni’s treatments over the past few years have helped me balance my physical energy levels and most importantly helped me relax through difficult times. In the past I’ve not been good at stopping and taking care of myself, but Jeni’s osteopathy sessions,combined with her sound advice, made this a lot easier. She is now supporting me through my pregnancy with twins – I can’t recommend her highly enough!


Hamish & Jackson

I brought my twin boys to see Jeni when they both suffered from painful colic and Jackson was having problems feeding. As we were given a cancellation appointment to begin with, Jackson started treatments a week before his brother at 3 weeks of age. It was clear to see the treatments made the boys more comfortable with Jackson appearing to be one step ahead until his brother caught up with the extra cranial osteopathy treatment. It was great to be able to take the boys to a treatment that always made them feel better, creating a positive relationship between us, and for me it has felt like they have had the best possible start with their entire bodies feeling comfortable.

Tash MacVoy


Sid has been seeing Jeni for cranial osteopathy, at her Bristol clinic since he was 5 weeks old, he is now 2 years old. He had poor digestive function difficulty breast feeding on the left side, he had trouble relaxing generally and he had general tightness in his back and neck and arching was common.

During this time Jeni has treated all his symptoms at one stage or another with success. We have resolution or at least notable improvements in every detail. Sid enjoys the sessions, he relaxes and sleeps better after. We believe the treatment helps Sid reach his milestones to an excellent standard and he has gone beyond what the medical professionals expected of him. The sessions ground him in his body and help him in every way.

John Minton


My son Dan is almost 15 years old and he has started to have some orthodontic work done. His orthodontist works holistically and wanted to complete Dan’s dental work in conjunction with cranial osteopaths in Bristol. When he suggested we visit Jeni, I had no hesitation as we had brought Dan to see Jeni when he was a baby and the results were undeniable!

In the past 3 months Dan has visited Jeni 6 times and the results are very apparent. Dan’s posture has improved immeasurably – he now stands very upright, his shoulders are square and his chest is broad and now when at rest his feet are symmetrical.

Most importantly from the orthodontist’s point of view, his face and jaw have altered shape to become much more symmetrical. This will mean that there will be no need for any extractions to make room in his mouth when his teeth are straightened. We are looking forward to the end result.

Penny Notley


I came to Jeni’s osteopath clinic for back pain relief from sciatica and also for bad posture and curving of the spine. I was getting spasms in the long muscles in my back and was unable to stand straight.   I have suffered back pain for years and have tried many treatments and therapies of different types. Jeni’s work has been the most successful and the least painful to endure. It has enabled me to do simple things like stand comfortably in one place, carry my baby and sit at a computer. It also enabled me to exercise without exasperating pain.

Luke, Bristol


I initially came to Jeni for cranial osteopathy treatment for both of my children, birth stress and illness related.

Once I saw an improvement in them, I decided to get my own ongoing back problems treated. After an epidural during my first labour, I had struggled with a sore back, for 8 years. Jeni released the pressure in my back and she also released stress in my upper back and has treated other ailments including neck and associated shoulder pain, and stiff ankles – from minor running related injuries.

I have been treated by all the osteopaths in the practice and every osteopathic treatment has been beneficial.

Sandra Tanner, breast-feeding counsellor


I am 60 years old and for many years have suffered periodically from severe muscle spasms to my lower back, the frequency of these was increasing. I was recommended to try treatment by Annastasia some 5 months ago and although originally somewhat sceptical of alternative treatments I am delighted with the results. I have not had a reoccurrence of the muscle spasms since starting the treatments and have much greater flexibility in my whole body. Her professional approach and clear explanation of proposed treatment give insight and reassurance.

Richard, Blagdon

Roy & Tess

Roy: Neck and shoulder pain left me with considerable loss of mobility. Conventional physiotherapy did not address the problem and I was in increasing discomfort. Recommended to osteopathy with Jeni by a friend, my recovery through her treatment has been so successful and remarkable, that I rarely think of my previous incapacity and discomfort. I see her regularly for treatment, as she is able to keep me mobile and pain free.

Tess: I first consulted Jeni when I had constant back pain. After the first treatment my back felt much easier and steadily improved. After about three treatments I felt back to normal.

Jeni has also treated me successfully for minor knee and ankle injuries and she has helped to keep me de-stressed and energetic through demanding jobs. At 70, I can cycle, walk, run and swim and at least in part, I believe that this is due to the osteopathic treatment I have received.

Roy Gallop & Tess Green