Sports Osteopathy

Sports Osteopathy

If you suffer from aches and pains that limit your sporting activities, why not give our friendly professional team a call to see if osteopathy might be the answer.

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As osteopaths we can often address problems like these by using our knowledge of diagnosis and highly developed palpatory skills. We use gentle and effective osteopathy techniques to help:

  • restore structural balance
  • Improve joint mobility
  • Reduce soft tissue adhesions and restrictions

Our aim is to improve your flexibility so that ease of movement is improved and performance enhanced. We may also advise on stretching or exercises to aid and support your recovery as well as assess and give advice to help you improve your posture and body stance during your sporting activities.

Many of our clients like to come for regular treatment sessions to help keep them supple, improve muscle tone, reduce risk of injury and develop their peak performance.