2 Talks Coming Up! Posture and Handling Advice for Parents

Having spoken to the new parents we see in our clinic, one thing they all say they wish they’d had more help on is how to safely handle their newborns and advice on different positions – both to protect their own bodies and to help their baby to be more comfortable.

Jeni and Sam will be giving two talks at the Alma Vale Centre, in Clifton.

The first one is on Monday the 15th of Sept.

Practical Advice For Pregnant Women and Handling of Newborns

This will be about optimal posture before and after the birth, what to consider posturally when choosing baby equipment (slings, buggies etc.) and best positions for feeding and changing.

The second talk will be held on Monday the 13th of Oct.

How to enjoy looking after your baby without breaking your back

This will focus on body awareness, stretches and exercises to protect your back as your baby gets bigger, plus how to pick up, hold and position your baby to make sure their postural muscles develop properly.

The talks run from 7:00-8:30pm and cost £10 each.

Space is limited, so call 0117 377 1186 to book your place now.