Osteopathy for Pregnancy and Birth

Osteopathy for Pregnancy and Birth

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During pregnancy we particularly recommend women to come for osteopathy assessments to help

  • reduce discomforts during the pregnancy
  • release musculoskeletal strains, particularly in the pelvis, pubic symphysis and back
  • Check the pelvis and back in preparation for birth

Shortly after birth, we find parents often like to return to bring their newborns for an osteopathic check up and for postnatal care for mum. It is an established part of our osteopathy courses to do specific training in how to work with pregnant women and also in paediatrics.

We specialise in providing  osteopathy treatments for pregnant women, using gentle techniques such as
cranial osteopathy.

If you are unsure whether osteopathy or cranial osteopathy might help you, why not give us a call for a free, informal chat or to book an appointment.