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What do osteopaths do?

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Osteopaths are highly trained and skilled in an extensive variety of safe, gentle and effective techniques. During an Osteopathy treatment, one or several of a variety of techniques may be used including:

  • Very gentle cranial osteopathy techniques
  • Releasing and relaxing muscles via massage techniques
  • Stretching stiff joints
  • Rhythmic joint movements (articulations)
  • Muscle release techniques

We also carry out

Osteopathy after an accident or minor injury, may minimise also potential long term damaging effects. However, clients have found osteopathy helpful for many other conditions.

Osteopathy training enables us to work with the relationship between the structure and function of the body. Rather than treat conditions and symptoms, during an osteopathic health check, we consider what is restricting a person’s health and focus on releasing this. The body is largely made of connective tissues (bones, muscles,ligaments, fascia, blood vessels, even internal organs are specialised connective tissues) and water. The connective tissues are continuous throughout the body and are maintained in a state of balance. Sometimes patterns of tension arise causing symptoms, which we aim to release by balancing the body’s interconnected framework, which also relates to the workings of the internal organs. Releasing tensions aims to enable each cell in the body to receive a good blood and nerve supply and immune support and helps to relieve many conditions and restore health and well being.

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