Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect on your first osteopathic visit

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First appointments are up to 40 minutes, follow-up sessions about 30 minutes. You are welcome to have a friend or relative present during your osteopathy sessions.

During you or your childs first appointment your osteopath will take a case history which includes questions about your symptoms, medical history and general health. This information is important as it helps to guide our diagnosis and decide whether we can help or if we need to refer you for further tests

A careful physical examination will be performed to observe you or your childs posture and how your body moves. We will normally ask you to remove some of your clothing, down to your underwear, so please wear something you are comfortable in (swimming or cycling shorts, sports bra). We may also perform additional tests such as feeling your pulses, taking your blood pressure and checking your reflexes. We have good working relations with other local healthcare professionals and where appropriate we will refer you for further investigations or other treatments. We will discuss our findings with you and whether to proceed with treatment.

You will usually be treated lying on a treatment couch, using one or several of a variety of osteopathy techniques including

  • Very gentle cranial osteopathy techniques
  • Releasing and relaxing muscles via massage techniques
  • Stretching stiff joints
  • Rhythmic joint movements (articulations)
  • Muscle release techniques

We may also carry out spinal manipulations. These are short, quick movements to joints that help restore normal function and mobility. It has been claimed that there is a very small risk of a stroke following some manipulations of the neck. In terms of risk this equates to having your head backwards over the washbasin at the hairdresser. Millions of such treatments are performed by osteopaths and we have not heard of a single case. Your osteopath will ask your consent if they feel that a manipulation is appropriate for you. Please talk to your osteopath if you have any concerns