Posture tips for mums… part 1

Posture tips for mums… part 1

There is a lot to consider here as there are so many activities for new and seasoned mums to consider, Therefore I will be rolling this information out over the next few weeks Read more >>

Tips For Digging

HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS – It’s National Allotments Week!

So get out there and get digging – but carefully!

Those of you who have an allotment (and I count myself lucky to be among those) will know the joy it can bring, but also the amount of hard work. Those of you without can still enjoy fresh veg and salad from your own gardens – or even lettuce from a window box if no other outdoor space is available. Read more >>

Tongue Tie

We such a lot of babies with feeding issues I thought it would be a good idea to do a post about this as its International Breastfeeding Week. Its hard to keep things short sometimes….

Tongue-tie is when the baby’s tongue is tethered to the bottom of the mouth causing difficulty sticking its tongue out beyond the gum or in milder cases beyond the lower lip. Some babies with this can breastfeed perfectly, others have difficulty and a few also have difficulty bottle-feeding. Read more >>

Beating being bitten alive – insect repellents

Beating being bitten alive – insect repellents

I don’t know about you but this is a subject close to my
heart, as I seem to be a mosi’s and midges magnet.

These critters tend to be worst at dawn and dusk and dank humid places like under trees and jungles. They are also attracted to dark clothing, perfume and cologne. Some people say eating bananas makes it worse.

Holiday Bed Tips

Holidays are great but the bed may be less so!

Many of us with a history of back, neck, hip or shoulder pain will eye new beds with suspicion. A few tips which may go some way to help you adapt to a different bed are: Read more >>

Exercising In Heat

Feeling Hot Hot Hot but still wanting to keep fit? Follow these basic but essential tips! Read more >>

Holiday Luggage

Holiday Luggage

Holiday season is close and with that comes lugging heavy loads around with us! Try and remember to look after your body when moving and lifting luggage. It is easy to strain your back, shoulder, neck and other areas when not thinking about what you need to move, where you are moving it and if you can manage it. Here are some simple bits of advice to consider: Read more >>



June is headache awareness month so if you’ve been troubled by them maybe now is the time to get help!

Headaches can be caused by many things, most commonly dehydration, stress or postural problems. Read more >>

Getting Active and Minor Injuries

Getting Active and Minor Injuries

As the weather is, at last, improving – many of us are becoming more active. Minor injuries may occur and shouldn’t be ignored.

After a sprain, remember the rules of RICE and HARM Read more >>

Good Posture While Revising

Revising with good posture

It’s exam time for a lot of kids at the moment. And with that comes long periods of reading, writing, looking at laptops or computers and lots of stress.

Poor revision posture can lead to issues such as neck, shoulder, wrist and back pain. Read more >>